Healthy Sexuality Clinic in Mississauga

Healthy Sexuality Clinic in Mississauga, is all about a healthy YOU. Your life is filled with emotions, and when your emotions translate into certain kinds of physical activities with someone else, your life can quickly involve new potential medical and health risks. We'd like to help you enjoy your emotions, and reduce your risks from potential infections.

We offer counselling on birth control methods, we provide free or VERY low-cost birth-control pills that are right for YOUR body, we conduct testing for Sexually-Transmitted Diseases, prescribe medications for treating STD's, we provide medical examinations by male or female doctors, and we prescribe Morning-After Pills at a VERY low (or no) cost to the patient. We also have gynecologists on-staff, although not all days or hours. If you call ahead, we'll be happy to tell you when a gynecologist is next here.

Our doctors and nurses are on-site and on-duty for extended hours (until 11 PM every day of the year!) Their goal is to keep you safe and healthy. Even when you think you are safe and as disease-free as you could possibly be, interactions with other people can change things very dramatically, very quickly, and without your knowledge!

The biggest risk with sexuality, involves sharing 'biological material' with sources outside your own body. Regardless of how healthy you THOUGHT you were, you can still become infected from someone else, and not see any symptoms for DAYS. During that time, if you're sharing your now-infected 'biological material' with anyone else, you could be infecting 'them'. Sometimes, just sharing a kiss or hug with your relatives can spread this infection. So you end up thoughtlessly sharing those infections ... and that really puts a damper on those emotions you thought you had.

Think for a minute .... why would you do that? Almost all our services at our clinic are covered by OHIP. There's a medical lab inside our building. Parking is free.. Local transit stops at our door. We're open from 8:30 AM until 11 PM, and you can come in without an appointment. You can put your mind at ease, make sure you aren't giving out more than just emotions, and save yourself from potential danger or injury. We even have a pharmacy right next to the lab.

You can go to ...

your family doctor ... if you can wait that long, and don't mind saying 'Hi' to everyone in their waiting room... who already knows you!

an Emergency Room at a hospital ... (ALWAYS GO HERE IF YOUR CASE IS A MEDICAL EMERGENCY!, ...but you'll be the lowest priority on their list to see a doctor, so you better bring a lot of tunes and a fully-charged battery, or some good books to read. You could be there a while.

other clinics ... if you can get there when they're open (which is usually just a few hours a day).

Or, you can come here!

  • No appointments usually required (but always call first and check, just to make sure!)
  • Extended hours 8:30 AM until 11 PM     - EVERY DAY of the YEAR
  • Easy to get to -by car (free parking on-site while supplies last), and by public transit
  • Everything under 1 roof - general practitioners, specialists, gynecologists, medical lab, pharmacy
  • Want to save your time? Just call us first. We'll be glad to tell you how to enjoy our fastest service.


    healthy-sexuality-nurse-with woman healthy sexuality clinic helps you and your partner stay safe from STD's

    We're an easy, convenient, and OHIP-covered clinic where you can visit in confidence to address your needs and concerns about your sexual health and relationships. We're faster, open longer, easy to get to, and friendly to deal with.

    Our patients come from all over the GTA. That's how efficient and accessible we really are!

    Did You Know ...

    23 May 2014 .....Mississauga, ON

    We're OPEN, but South Millway Clinic is  CLOSED

    Peel Public health has closed its health clinic at South Millway. It's presently looking for an appropriate space in south Mississauga, to open an updated clinic. They suggest that you consider going to another clinic they have at Meadowvale, but it's only open a total of 26 hrs a week (no nights, no weekends, no full days). If that doesn't work for YOU, remember that our Healthy clinic is open every day, every night, totalling more than 100 hours a week. Perhaps our hours are more in sync with YOUR schedule?

    28 May 2014 .....Mississauga, ON

    Malton Sexuality Clinic Moved; Hours Still Short

    The Malton Sexuality clinic, that used to be located at 7330 Goreway Dr, has been moved, effective 28th May 2014. The new location is in the basement of the Westwood Square Mall (Unit B7), effective 04 Jun 2014. We're not sure whether that location will help you, but their hours are also changing and we guess they still won't be as helpful as you might like. They're only going to be open for a total of 9 hours - a week! No mornings, no evenings, and only for 3 hours a day, on 3 days a week. If you're NOT able to fit YOUR timetable into on of those 3 hour slots, remember that the Healthy Sexuality Clinic is open every morning, every evening, every day (including weekends), and we're covered by OHIP.